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Daily Operations

Building Hours

Building hours are 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Employees are able to come and go before/after hours with an active UT Tower badge. Visitors without active badges are not able to access the building outside of normal business hours.

Assigned Offices/Workstations

Division heads and floor communicators assigned to each floor have a list of office and workstation numbers. Please do not make changes to assignments without first contacting Sherry McBee at or 865-974-0819.


The mail station’s temporary location is behind 989A. The mailroom will be located on the plaza level once construction is completed.

All mail and parcels will be delivered to Summer Place for security scanning before being delivered to UT Tower. Update your address accordingly:


(For mail and parcels)

University of Tennessee – [Department Name]
ATTN: [Your Name]
505 Summer Place – UT Tower [Your office or workstation number]
Knoxville, TN 37902



(For food, flower, etc. deliveries)

University of Tennessee
[Your Name]
400 W Summit Hill Dr. – UT Tower (Your office or workstation number)
Knoxville, TN 37902


UT System Business cards

Instructions are available online for ordering new letterhead and business cards. We recommend using your postal address on business cards, but please use the address that is best for your needs.

A template for updating your branded email signature also is available.

Recycling Bins in UT Tower

Recycling is now available on all UT Tower floors. Employees can continue to use their recycling bin at their desk. However, at the end of each day, employees should deposit recyclables in the larger recycling bin located by the wellness room. Custodial staff will continue to collect trash daily, and the large recycling bins will soon be appearing on each floor.

Single Stream

Acceptable items are office paper, junk mail, paperboard, plastic bottles, jugs and tubs, metal, magazines and newspapers, cardboard and aluminum. No glass is accepted.

Large Cardboard

Corrugated cardboard boxes should be broken down flat and stacked next to the recycle bin unless they are small enough to fit flat inside the container.

Common Recycling Pro Tip

Anything smaller than a credit card should not be recycled. Small items will not make it through the sorting process at the materials recovery facility.


Thermostats are set on 72 degrees with a 4 degree variance.

If you are cold in UT Tower, PBA (Public Building Authority) recommends using a UL-certified heated blanket. They do not use as much power nor present the safety risks that personal heaters and blocking air vents do. Remember that personal heaters and blocking vents are still prohibited.

IT Support

All IT questions can be directed to Tonya Sartin at

Available Parking Passes for UT Knoxville and Other Campuses/Institutes

Heading back to campus? Fifty UT Knoxville hangtags will be available for UT Tower employees to check out as needed. Need to grab one? Talk to your supervisor or floor communicator

Accessible Routes into UT Tower

Parking for UT Tower is provided in Summer Place Parking Garage. There is a fully accessible route along Summit Hill Drive when parking in the ADA spaces on the 3rd floor of the garage.

A D A route to UT Tower

Route directions from Summer Place garage to UT Tower (PDF)


Employee Resources


New Hire Technology Request

As new employees join UTSA and preparation for their arrival begins, please complete this form in order to notify the UT Tower building coordinator and tech team so they can ensure a smooth transition.

Change of Location Request

Please complete this form to request a workstation move or a name plate change. Once the move request has been processed, the employee will receive an approval email. Please do not move workstations until the approval email has been received. If there are any questions, please contact Sherry McBee.

UT System Online Store

The University of Tennessee System has partnered with Graphic Creations to launch an online store offering branded apparel and merchandise ranging from polos and pullovers to bowties and backpacks. Most items can be personalized, and payment options include personal and departmental cards. Check out all of the options at the online shop.