UT Tower is furnished with everything you need to be comfortable, productive and collaborative. Click each heading below to open/close the dropdowns.





Private Offices


Furniture and Appliances

Adjustable Chairs


And So Much More:

  • Conference Tables
  • Filing Cabinets
  • Storage Closets
  • Projectors
  • Glass dry-erase boards
  • Shred Bins
  • Energy-Efficient Lighting
  • Refrigerators with Ice Makers
  • Microwaves
  • Dishwashers
  • Keurig Coffee Makers with Plumbed-In Filtered Water
  • Filtered Water Stations

Conference Rooms

Conference rooms are essential spaces. At UT Tower, each one serves as a hub for collaboration and decision-making. They are designed to accommodate large groups of people for meetings, presentations, seminars and other business events. These rooms are equipped with a range of technologies to support effective communication and information sharing, including projectors, audio and video equipment. View the list of conference rooms that are available on each floor along with the equipment and size.


The mail station’s temporary location is behind 989A. The mailroom will be located on the plaza level once construction is completed.

Shower Locations

On the 12th floor, there are two showers. One in the women’s restroom and one in the men’s restroom. These showers are available for all UT Tower employees.

Vending Machines

There are vending machines located in the eighth and 11th floor break rooms.

Recycling Bins in UT Tower

Recycling is now available on all UT Tower floors. Employees can continue to use their recycling bin at their desk. However, at the end of each day, employees should deposit recyclables in the larger recycling bin located by the wellness room. Custodial staff will continue to collect trash daily, and the large recycling bins will soon be appearing on each floor.

Single Stream

Acceptable items are office paper, junk mail, paperboard, plastic bottles, jugs and tubs, metal, magazines and newspapers, cardboard and aluminum. No glass is accepted.

Large Cardboard

Corrugated cardboard boxes should be broken down flat and stacked next to the recycle bin unless they are small enough to fit flat inside the container.

Common Recycling Pro Tip

Anything smaller than a credit card should not be recycled. Small items will not make it through the sorting process at the materials recovery facility.

Wellness Rooms

Wellness rooms in the UT Tower are designated spaces designed to promote health among employees. These rooms provide a private and quiet environment for individuals to take a break from their daily work routine and engage in activities that promote relaxation and wellness. Some common features of wellness rooms include comfortable seating. The purpose of wellness rooms is to support UT Tower employees in managing stress, improving their overall well-being and boosting productivity. These wellness rooms are located in the breakrooms of each floor.