Helpful Information:

PBA Contacts

PBA Maintenance and Housekeeping Hotline: 865-215-3000

PBA Security (Front Desk, UT Tower): 865-215-4330

PBA Security (After Hours): 865-215-2246

PBA Vending Machine Refund

PBA Maintenance /Service Issues: 865-215-3000,

Cash: Email name and phone to
Refund issues will be resolved weekly during restocking.

Credit/Debit: Contact the credit processor-Cantaloupe at
888-561-4748. Refunds will be issued directly to the card.

Notice: Your credit/debit issuer or bank may place a temporary hold on funds.
Contact the number on the back of your card with questions.


UT Contacts

UT IT (Computers, Phones, Internet):