Why are we moving the System offices?

UT System Administration staff are spread out in various locations throughout Knoxville. Moving offices to one location will create greater collaboration, synergy, efficiency and sense of community among departments.

When will teams move?

Employees working on the 12th floor settled in the week of Jan. 10. Floors will move one at a time, and we hope to complete the move by spring.

Where will employees park? How much will it cost?

As part of the agreement, UT will have dedicated spaces in the Summer Place parking garage next to the tower. Parking charges will be consistent with employees’ current parking costs.

Will we have comparable office space?

UT engaged Baskin Strategies to look at each department’s functions to determine the best layouts to meet departmental needs. Findings were given to BarberMcMurry Architects, which designed the new space around the functional needs of each department.

Are we moving into cubicles?

Layouts posted on this website show a combination of open plan workstations and traditional private offices. The majority of workstations will be 8′ x 8’6″.

Why are all of the workspaces open?

The goal of this design approach was to allow everyone to be able to see natural light in the office. Workstation walls are solid to 50″ and then glass up to 66″. The portion of workstation walls that are along the exterior glass will be lower to not block light coming in. However, all panels separating workstations from other workstations or hallways will be 66″ tall. Traditional offices will be on interior walls to ensure optimal natural lighting.

Are all of the workspaces the same size?

Yes. The workstations fall into a narrow range of sizes with the majority falling into the 8′ x 8’6″ size.

Can we have plants at our desk?

No. TVA has a policy against live plants in the building. The Public Building Authority is developing a handbook which will outline all of TVA’s requirements and policies. This will be distributed by our HR to all UT employees.

Can we hang things on our walls or display framed pictures in our workspaces?

Staff will not be able to hang items on office walls. Workstations include areas with tackable fabric surfaces. Photos or other items can be pinned up on these surfaces. Framed pictures may be displayed on desks and workstations.

Can we eat at our desk?

Yes. You will still be able to eat at your desk. We will also have enclosed café spaces for those that want a change of scenery.

Will there be space for private meetings or conversations?

Yes. There will be plenty of space for meetings and conversations requiring privacy. There will be private rooms (wellness room) and small conference rooms as well as enclaves and private phone booths for employees on each floor.

Will we still be able to use space on the UT Knoxville campus for meetings?

Yes. Office space will be available that employees can utilize while on the UT Knoxville campus.

Will we be able to park on the UT Knoxville campus? If so, will there be an additional cost on top of the cost to park downtown?

Fifty UT Knoxville hangtags will be available for UT Tower employees to check out as needed. More information will be shared soon about this process.

Will our phone numbers change?

No. Numbers will transfer.

Will we be able to choose our office/workspace?

Workspace assignments have been determined by your department head.

Will there be security to enter the building?

Yes. Like all state and federal buildings, UT Tower will have a security desk at the entrance. This also will provide UT employees with an additional level of security that is afforded to other state employees, creating an even safer work environment.

All employees and visitors will be required to have an ID badge.

Will guests need to go through security?

Yes. UT Tower will have security on the first floor. All guests will need to provide a valid state ID to enter.

Will I be able to bring guests/children to the office after hours?

We are currently working with TVA to determine feasibility.

When will employees get to tour the tower?

Tours for small groups will be scheduled a few days prior to move-in weeks. Tours are not able to be provided while construction is underway.