Emergency Preparedness

Fire Evacuation Checklist for Employees

  1. Acknowledge the alarm and know that you must evacuate.
    • If you need assistance exiting the building, make your way to the landing pad in the elevator lobby. Emergency personnel is on their way to help you.
  2. Grab your UT Tower ID as you evacuate.
  3. Proceed to a stairwell exit located on the southeast and northeast side of the floor and VERIFY if it is USABLE (free of smoke and obstructions).
    • Do not use the elevators. They will not operate once an evacuation notice is issued.
  4. If the recommended evacuation route should become blocked, wait for the floor captain who will carefully reroute all evacuees to another exit.
  5. If you require assistance in exiting the building, make your way to the landing pad in the elevator lobby of your floor.
    • Note: If you have accessibility concerns, please call 215-2246 to inform them that you are staying in the building.
  6. Upon exiting the building, continue walking until you reach Krutch Park.
    • Do not stop at the TVA Plaza or in Market Square.
  7. Re-entry into the building is not permitted unless an ALL CLEAR has been authorized by the fire department.

AED Locations

AED (Automated External Defibrillator) locations are critical pieces of information that can save lives during sudden cardiac emergencies. An AED is a portable device that delivers an electric shock to the heart in case of a sudden cardiac arrest, which can restore the normal rhythm of the heart. AEDs at UT Tower are stored in clearly marked cabinets in the breakrooms of floors X, Y and Z.

Personal Heater Usage

If you are cold in UT Tower, PBA (Public Building Authority) recommends using a UL-certified heated blanket. They do not use as much power nor present the safety risks that personal heaters and blocking air vents do. Remember that personal heaters and blocking vents are still prohibited.