A Note from UT System President Randy Boyd

When I think about the University of Tennessee, I think about collaboration, innovation, efficiency, community partnerships and state-of-the-art spaces for igniting our greatest decade.

Many of these same words will be used to describe our new headquarters in downtown Knoxville.

I’m excited about the opportunity to bring our teams together in a space that embodies who we are and how we work. Our move to the new UT Tower (formerly TVA East Tower) on the northeast end of Market Square truly is an opportunity for us to create greater collaboration, synergy, efficiency and sense of community.

The move will unite approximately 250 UT employees currently working at multiple locations throughout Knoxville. I’m confident new or enhanced partnerships will emerge among UT, TVA, Knox County Schools and the Great Schools Partnership as a result. And I look forward to building new relationships with the City of Knoxville, Knox County government, Market Square merchants, the Knoxville Chamber and area businesses.

UT is Tennessee and everywhere you look, you’ll find its presence—from Market Square to Memphis and every county in between. I look forward to celebrating our impact in our new space very soon.


UT System President Randy Boyd