Scheduled Move Dates

Floor 12 – Week of Jan. 10, 2022

Floor 11 – Week of Feb. 21

Floor 10 – Week of March 7

Floor 9 – Week of April 11

Floor 8 – Week of May 23

Please note: Move dates are subject to change as we monitor the process of suppliers and partners with material and labor shortages.



Preparing for Your Move

Give some thought to items you’d like to recycle or digitize. Contact the UT Knoxville Office of Sustainability to order large recycle bins for your department by emailing Khann Chov at Now is a good time for some cleaning!

Moving services will be performed by UT Knoxville Rapid Response Team within Facilities Services.

Packing supplies are being delivered to units moving to UT Tower. Additional supplies are available for pickup at 711 Andy Holt Tower. Questions can be directed to Tammie Cole at or 865-974-9080.

Packing supplies include:

  1. 10 cardboard boxes per person measuring 12” x 12” x 18”
  2. Additional boxes will be provided for storage areas
  3. Bubble wrap
  4. Packing tape
  5. Box labels


Once you have your packing supplies, begin loading your boxes with the items you’ll be taking to UT Tower.

Please do not move any furniture, rugs, appliances, lamps, etc. Small personal fans (8″ or smaller) are permissible in individual work areas. Please do not pack plastic floor mats that have been used under desk chairs–they are no longer needed! The carpet in UT Tower is static dissipated.

All boxes should be loaded, sealed and labeled before your scheduled move.

  • All box flaps must be closed and taped (bottom and top). Open boxes and/or boxes not securely taped will not be moved to UT Tower.
  • Place information labels on a side panel of the box (not on top or bottom).  Boxes without labels will not be moved. Please also write with a marker on your box the box number. For instance, Box 1 of 10.
  • Only UT-owned computers, monitors, personal printers and electronics will be moved.
  • Equipment must be wrapped with bubble wrap, securely taped and clearly labeled. Items without labels will not be moved. Computer/device cables and power cords are to be packed inside a cardboard box and labeled as such for easy/quick access at your new workstation. New data port cables will be waiting for you at UT Tower. Please leave data port cables in the spaces you’re vacating.
  • It is your responsibility to move personal items. The UT Knoxville Rapid Response Team will not take responsibility for broken personal, valuable, fragile or sentimental items.
  • Items larger than boxes provided are to be discussed with your floor communicator.  In most cases, these items should be wrapped with bubble wrap, securely taped and properly labeled.
  • The UT Knoxville Rapid Response Team will arrive on your scheduled move date to collect boxes.

Unused boxes, bubble wrap and packing tape are to be returned to 711 Andy Holt Tower. Please do not leave unused packing supplies in the spaces you’re vacating.


Do not surplus UT-owned furniture in the spaces you are vacating.

Do surplus unused IT equipment, such as old monitors. Please do not move unused or outdated equipment to UT Tower. Contact Tonya Sartin at so that she can take this equipment off of the inventory list.

Approved Surge Protector/Power Strips

Each workstation at UT Tower will include a six-prong surge protector. Offices include two. If you find you need more after getting settled, please order the one listed below.

Only one specific type of surge protector is approved for use in UT Tower. It is the “Tripp Lite 7 Outlet 6’ cord, 1080 Joules” and is available from Staples via the UT MarketPlace. The item number is 522294.

Power strips must be plugged directly into a building outlet and may not be connected to an extension or power strip. The workstation outlets are considered a building outlet. Limit connected equipment to the rating for the power strip.

Coffee and Water Services

Cancel contracts with providers such as coffee services and water cooler providers based on your move-in date. Each floor of UT Tower is equipped with filtered water bottle stations and Keurig filtered water coffee machines! Employees or units are responsible for supplying pods for the Keurig machines.

Leased Printers and Copy Machines

Copiers will be moved by the companies that lease the machines and will not be moved to UT Tower by the UT Knoxville Rapid Response Team. Tammie Cole will share information when information is confirmed regarding each department’s specific copier. Questions should be directed to Tammie Cole at or 865-974-9080.

Small machinery, such as laminators, can be used in the work/copy rooms on each floor.

A supply area on the 12th floor

Phones and Fax Machines

Each unit is responsible for working with UT Knoxville Telephone Services on signing up for Ring Central and ordering desk phones or headsets. Phone numbers will remain the same and be transferred accordingly. Do not pack your desk phones when moving out of your existing spaces. Simply leave them for Telephone Services to collect. This applies to anyone who already has Ring Central equipment–do not pack it. Telephone Services will handle everything for you!

Ring Central has a fax feature. Therefore, fax machines are not necessary at UT Tower. If you chose to bring a fax machine, it can be used in a network port that will be charged to your unit. Also, some copiers have a fax function.

Each office and workstation has three data ports for network, phone and network printer. OIT will contact you prior to your move to determine which ports you want activated.


You’ll set up your own computer, and staff from Technology Solutions will be available to assist as needed.


Place your building, suite, office, etc. keys for the spaces you’re vacating in an envelope labeled with your:

  1. First name
  2. Last name
  3. Division/Department/Office
  4. Personnel number

Designate someone in your unit to collect the envelopes and deliver them to Tammie Cole at UT Tower – #1193A. Tammie will log and return keys to UT Knoxville Key Services following your move to UT Tower. Questions should be directed to or 865-974-9080.

UT Knoxville Key Services will not service UT Tower. Building and space access at UT Tower will be provided by the building manager, Public Building Authority (PBA).

UT Tower Badges

Be sure to have your new badge made before your scheduled move-in week by going to the City County Building Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Enter through the security area, and an attendant will direct you to the correct location.

Questions can be directed to Sherry Sims at or 865-974-8170.


Parking for UT Tower is provided in Summer Place Parking Garage.

Pedestrian directions to UT Tower from Summer Place Parking Garage

Reserve your parking permit by completing the PBA parking contract and submitting it to Tammie Cole at Questions can be directed to Tammie Cole at or 865-974-9080.

PBA parking contract

Oversized vehicles, such as trucks or vans taller than 6 feet, 5 inches, will need to park in the Langley Garage beside the Summer Place Garage. Contact Tammie Cole if you need validation to park in the Langley Garage.

Wondering what to do with your existing parking hangtags and orange dots? Simply return them to Tammie Cole at UT Tower – #1193A when you turn in your keys. Place your UTK hangtags and orange dots in an envelope labeled with your:

  1. First name
  2. Last name
  3. Division/Department/Office
  4. Personnel number



Moving In: What to Do and Where to Go

Do not arrive at UT Tower until you’re instructed to do so by your floor communicator.

Plan to work from home Monday-Thursday of scheduled move weeks. Contact Tonya Sartin at if you need IT assistance as you prepare to work remotely. Regarding remote work, all employees are encouraged to use available cloud-based storage software, including OneDrive and Teams. The only employees that should need to use the VPN are those accessing TStorage, and we highly recommend that everyone move their information to OneDrive in the near future. Since we have the capability to directly access cloud-based applications like OneDrive there is no longer a need to remote into desktops.

The move-in process will go more smoothly if the UT Knoxville Rapid Response Team is able to move an entire floor before employees arrive.

By Friday of your move-in week, your UT Tower badge will be activated. Once you’re notified by your floor communicator that your new space is ready, you will use your badge to enter the building and bypass the metal detectors or screening.

Wear your UT Tower badge at all times while inside the building. Should you forget your badge, you’ll be asked to present a valid driver’s license, go through screening and be given a visitor’s badge for the day.


Parking for UT Tower is provided in Summer Place Parking Garage. There is a fully accessible route when parking in the ADA spaces on the 3rd floor of the garage. You are welcome to park on any level of the Summer Place Parking Garage and in any open undesignated spot.

Pedestrian directions to UT Tower from Summer Place Parking Garage

Take a ticket as you enter the garage. You’ll receive your Summer Place Parking Garage pass before leaving that evening and will scan it to exit the garage.